Volume: Vol. 2, No. 2, Oktober 2018
    Penulis: Hendra Lie date: 2018-10-08

    Grand City Balikpapan Project which has been launched since 2014 and is developing the latest housing products in Cluster X which all consist of 125 units with the 68/120 type which will be developed in 5 years. Considering that the Grand City Balikpapan Project is a property product that risks large capital for the long term, it will be very necessary to do an analysis of the feasibility of investing in Grand City Balikpapan Cluster X. In analyzing data to determine the results of the study, researchers used the Investment Assessment Method; Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Returns (IRR), Profitability Index (PI) and Cost of Capital (COC).

    The results of the study concluded that Projected Cash Flow was expected to be acceptable and showed a positive amount or a surplus of Rp. 3,081,177,500,- and NPV analysis or cash flow discounted on the basis of the assumed rate of return of 10% obtained by NPV of Rp. 1,042,263,786,- While the IRR analysis using discounted cash flow basis yields 18.15% Profitability Index Analysis shows a comparison between revenues (benefit) with capital costs showing the ratio 1.0397 or more than 1. Analysis of Cost of Capital is an analysis of the real costs that must be incurred by the company to obtain funds derived from debt assuming loan interest = 10% pa. generate a ratio of 6.5%..

    Based on the results of the research, the researchers concluded that the Project Value was Rp. 80,763,150,000, - with Projected Net Surplus Rp. 3,081,177,500,- with a 10% NPV value of Rp. 1,042,263,786,-. The NPV obtained is positive NPV, this indicates that this project is feasible to run. Thus the Grand City Balikpapan Project is very feasible to be developed and worth investing in this project because this project is profitable and has very good prospects.

    Keyword: property, grandcitybalikpapan, investment, cash flow, business feasibility, NPV, IRR, Profitability Index, COC

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