Volume: Vol. 2, No. 2, Oktober 2018
    Penulis: Sasmoyo Dimas Radityo, Marlindawaty date: 2018-10-03

    The purpose of this research is to examine the community both as a seller and visitors in tourist attractions Manggar Segara Sari Beach Balikpapan which is managed by the Government of Balikpapan City. The method used is survey, through the distribution of questionnaires to sellers and visitors who are in Manggar Segara Sari Beach. The analytical method used is Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) to analyze the level of public satisfaction on services that have been given by the Government of Balikpapan City by considering the level of expectations of the attributes, Gap Analysisto analyze the level of importance and level of community satisfaction by using Likert scale 4 points and Customer Satisfaction Map (CSM) to find out which attributes are prioritized for improvement. The result of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) analysis, the attribute that is considered most important by the seller is the response of the service officer when receiving complaints on the services provided and by the visitor is availability of information (information boards, warning, direction).The results of Gap Analysis, attributes thathave the highest gap value perceived are very important by visitors and sellers but performance is still not satisfactory (not fulfilling expectations) is the arrangement of places to sellin the beach environment and means of complaints, suggestions and inputs in the Service Unit. The result of Customer Satisfaction Map (CSM) analysis, the attributes that are prioritized for the improvement and improvement of service are the arrangement of places to sell in coastal environment, the quality of parking arrangement in the Service Unit, the quality of public facilities (toilets, mosque, health facilities)in coastal environment and the convenience of travelling on the beach.

    Keywords:Public Satisfaction Survey, Services, Tourism

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